Can't load the facebook login page from my de

 lintosss -

I can't load the facebook login page from my deskstop...
"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
Can anyone please help..
I can login using another pc..
did found the virus: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer but is quarantined.

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Thanks for the tip, it solved my problem! Facebook is working now. "hosts" file was hidden (don't know if it should be prior to virus) and there was a unhidden file called "h?sts". The contents of the files were identical.

Both files contained one entry: localhost

After deleting this line in h?sts file nothing was changed but after editing hosts file, the problem is solved.

I'm now running full virus scan, hope it will find if there's anything harmful left from this trojan in my computer.
Thank you

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Using google chrome I've found the answer ,.go to options,. then under the hood tab, then content settings ,then click pop-ups, then click "allow all sites to show pop-ups! ,.that's it! your done!
check your c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc host file. some time may b is there , remove it from there and it will work.

Dear Iris,

It might be that the specific address has been blocked and hence I will advise you to try using an online proxy to access to it.

Thank you.
, hello I cant open facebook at all because some one told me to look at a video and I cick it and ya'll plaese help me
i have the same plz
iam facing the same problem plzz helpp :(
am also facing the same problem, plz help me
set ur time and date correct on pc...