TS3 WA crashes

 dominique -
Guys, I need help.

I downloaded WA with its crack, and the installation went perfect. I did whatever needed to be done. The game loads, but as soon as it's loading to play with a family, it crashes (30seconds). I don't know what to do!

I heard a lot of people had the same problem and heard that it wasn't necessarily because of your graphic/video card (I have windows 7 64bit with advanced video/graphic/audio card) but the version patch of Sims 3. But all of this information was at the release date (towards the 2009), now that we're in 2010, I don't see what they've done to make it work.

What did you do to make your WA work (if you had a crack)?

Please help me, I'm desperate :(:(

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I forgot to mention that while I was running the installation of WA it told me that I needed a new version of sims 3, and asked me if I wanted to update my Sims 3. I said yes and it updated it (but I don't know which version).

But afterwards, into the game, it still crashes.