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 Gervarod -

so i got this trojan called antimalware doctor and i've had this problem before with a different fake malware detector so i really thought i knew how to fix the problem. I thought i got rid of it by using malwarebytes and i really thought got rid of the problem cuz that trojan is gone. The problem im having now is that i tried to do a system restore and for some reason an error pops up that it can't do a system restore on my external hard drive cuz it was disconnected. i look over and it is connected cuz the light on it is working but it's not showing up anywhere on my computer. it's not my usb ports cuz i have my keyboard and mouse hooked up to it and my ipod. i dont know what the problem is but i dont know there is still something on my computer because malwarebytes is running and it keeps saying its blocking malicious sites and my explorer isnt even running. i also run malwarebytes scan and it quarantines the problems but they come back immediately. i would get rid of them manually but i have no idea where to begin looking and i also dont know if its in my internal hard drive or my external or both. i really need help i dont want have to buy a new hard drive or even reformat but i will if i have to.

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Well hello Cory, please give us a Hijackthis scan log file for us please download it from this website if you can get it from here

and we will see whats has to be removed off it.

you will have to click on do a scan and then save a log file button and then copy and paste it here for us mate.

Regards, Gervarod
well go to this website and it will tel you how to fully remove it too maybe