How to install web cam i have its cd also

raj - Jul 2, 2010 at 12:24 PM
 3mendo Jr. - Jul 2, 2010 at 01:07 PM
im unable to instal my web cam. every time its asking for video capture hardware . please help me out

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Just try the following. Insert the CD on the CD ROM of your computer without connecting the webcam. This CD should have the drivers and all components necessary for the webcam you are trying to install, just make sure that the CD you have corresponds to the model of webcam you are tryin to install. As this is an autorun CD, it should start automatically and it should guide you through the process installation, just pay attention on each step of the installation process as the CD will indicate you when you should connect your webcam to the computer. When it show you the message to connect the video capture hardware, this means you should connect the webcam (be careful and use a 2.0 USB port for the webcam. This should be an easy process.

Trust this works for you.