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Alright so, computer works fine, I moved it from school to video. Monitor works, tested it with another system. No beeps at startup. If my system was overheating it'd turn off, but I've left it on for hours with no issue. So far I've checked the cable connection at monitor and card, reseated the card on same pci slot then alternate pci slot, reset the bios, removed and switched out ram, tested the psu, removed the dvd drive, tested with a different dvi cable...what else is left besides reassembling the computer completely, which seems redundant considering everything worked before and seems to work fine now, save the no video signal. Oh, and note that the video card fan is running and the light beside the card on the mobo is lit up, indicating it is connected.

a few specs without being able to check:
HIS H487Q1GH Radeon HD 4870
Corsair TX750W
msi x58 pro
Microsoft XP SP3
core i7

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Dear Sir,

Please consider checking whether the problem is not coming from the graphic card or its driver.

Thanks in advance.
Well, that's kind of a problem. I can't check the driver because I can't see all. And I can't check the graphic card any further than I have because I don't have another system to hook it up to. Does that mean from what you can tell, given from what I've told you, you believe it is the video card?