Motorola ve465 phone wont detect memory card

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i know my phone used to detect the memory card, because i would turn my phone on and a little notification will pop up that i had it inserted. now, nothing happens. when i go to storage devices on my phone, the memory card does not show up.

when i plug my phone into the computer, the pictures that are saved in the phone's memory will not show up. only the few pictures that actually saved on the memory card show up. ive taken the memory card out, plugged in my phone again, plugged in just the memory card into my computer, everything. i cant get these pictures off my phone and i cant get the phone to detect my memory card so i can move the pictures on to the card.

any help, please?

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Hi sarahh,

If the memory card is being detected on pc or other mobile phone then it may be that there is a hardware problem with handset itself,else if not detected on any pc or mobile then there is a password on it which needs to be removed.