Vista hangs at copleating instalation

 anney27 -
i am formatting my pc after a bad memory stick caused a problem have replaced memory trying to do clean install of vista but gets to compleating instalation where u get the 3 dots and wont move on so put xp on then tried vista again still same problem all i know is that it is a sata harddrive 2gb memory duel core processer 2.4 ghz and a nividia geforce 9600gso thnx

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Hi anney27 ,

well i can understand that xp install correctly whereas vista is not,seems a problem with either the dvd drive or the installation disk itself,try another copy if it .
disk is fine managed to install it but freezes when installing updates xp worked but wouldnt connect to internett doing a os upgrade see if can do it that way have been told could be harddrive my harddrive is a maxtor diamondmax21 sata 160gb but only registers as a 149 gb and when vista is installed it is using nearly 17gb of space and thats before ive put anything on ive had problems formatting it since i bought it nearly 2 years ago everytime ive formatted it it has took loads of atempts please help could it be my hard drive.