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Microsoft Windows Installer is an installation and application configuration service for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

What is Windows Installer?

Microsoft Windows Installer is a software component and application programming interface (API) created by Microsoft. It is used to install, remove, and maintain computer software. The installation instructions and all related files and databases of each particular program are bundled into an .MSI installation package. Before the existence of digital distribution platforms such as the Microsoft Store (formerly known as the Windows Store), Microsoft encouraged third-party developers to use Windows Installer as the basic installation framework for their products. 

What are the key features of Windows Installer?

  • Safely install applications: The software records all installation actions to a transaction log. Furthermore, it saves backups of the files on your computer that are deleted or overwritten during the installation process. This process ensures that the installation of the software doesn't cause any damage to your system. Thanks to these transaction logs and backup files, interrupted installations can also be repaired and continued safely and efficiently.
  • On-demand installation: Thanks to Windows Installer, users of the Windows operating system can install any application of their choice at the moment they have a need to use the application. Similarly, the application can be uninstalled on-demand whenever it has become obsolete to the user.
  • Application maintenance: Windows Installer uses globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) to detect whether a Windows Installer needs a patch. These patches are used to deliver updates and security fixes to the applications installed on your computer.
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Is Windows Installer free?

This software can be downloaded and used for free.

Is Windows Installer safe?

Windows Installer is a safe application created by Microsoft, a company known to be one of the most widely trusted developers in the computer software industry.

Is Windows Installer still available?

This software hasn't been updated since 2005, and the file we provide you is the last available version of Windows Installer. The only operating systems it is compatible with are Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Why do I need Windows Installer?

The installer service enables customers to provide better corporate deployment and provides a standard format for component management.

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