XP Drivers for model CQ40-108TU but it not av

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Anyone please help me out??
I bought Laptop for Compaq Model CQ40-108TU. The problem is that I need the Windows XP Drivers for model CQ40-108TU but it not available in any site even I download some of them after that I am unable to get Sound & Bluetooth.
So could you please help me out If you have any XP Driver for this model through which I can get Sound & Bluetooth.
In Every Site its mention: for this model Vista Drivers are available.
I really dont know the Vista Operating Systems as I had only use XP

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Hi there,

Even on its manufacturer website all drivers for xp is not available ,thus you will not be able to use xp on it,what i can suggest you is to install a virtual machine on your vista os and then open the virtual machine and install xp os on it for which no drivers are required as it will work in background,have it downloaded on its official website using the link below: