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I have a question about one of the issue we have faced with mobile phones ringing issue when there was no reception / no signal. It is an unusual situation when we try to reach any person and found their mobile phone was ringing for the called party but originally the person holding the mobile doesn't have coverage in his phone and he never gets any ring tones on his phone.

We faced this issue with T Mobile last week when we went for a dinner party and kept calling a friend whose phone was ringing for me for more than an hour..but my friend didn't get any ring tones on his phone due to no coverage..the similar problem we experience with AT& T today.

It doesn't make sense why the cell phone companies not giving the message like " Subscriber not reachable / subscriber out of coverage etc)" rather than providing the ringing tone..

Have anybody faced this similar situation like this? Is this the mobile phone companies hate to provide subscriber out of coverage message to hide their signal issues?? Pls help me to find out the correct reason for this issue...


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Hi there,

This is due to the other party not having network coverage in the area he is located ,or the signal strength is really low ,so if the phone is low signal or no signal detected thus its undiscoverable by the network provider hence this voice message is heard.