Reinstalled Vista, can't connect to network..

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I had to reinstall Windows Vista (Ultimate) onto my laptop (Pavilion dv3t-2000) due to receiving a virus onto my computer. This virus (don't remember what it was called) kept constantly bringing up Internet Explorer widows, freezing my computer, or will let me scan my computer but then have my computer bring up various Internet Explorer websites that suggest I should enter a card number to purchase a product that would fix my computer.

After I reinstalled Windows Vista onto my computer, I had to reconnect to the internet. I was unable to locate my network, wireless or threw and Ethernet cord. I followed thru a couple of suggestions but they did not work. I did a Diagnose and Repair but it would say, "The network adapter "Realtek RTL8101 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)" is experiencing driver or hardware related issues." I clicked the button to find more information about it, but I couldn't read up about it due to not having internet. I tried going into the Control Panel and going into Device Manager and locate my wireless card, but it would appear that I'd have to reinstall it or at least update it.

Any suggestions on how I could fix this problem on my own or should I just take my laptop in to be fixed by a professional?

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Presume you are running windows and Internet Explorer (IE). I've recently been hit by such malware (AV Security Suite). This shoudn't be the case since you reloaded your OS, but open you IE and look for a tab like "tools" in IE8, and "connections" there, and "LAN settings" under that. Look for a check box that's for "use a proxy server". Uncheck that if checked.

THAT is how these things hijack your IE ... by using this setting for a proxy server, THEY become your "server".

If you have reloaded your OS and this box is checked, the malware may still be around somewhere, somehow.

I had success booting in the safe mode (turn on computer, tap <F8> key for several seconds). That stopped the malware from working.

Then (after waiting a while to load, perhaps) when you get your Safe Mode version of the OS, sign in as administrator. Then open IE (should work in safe mode), download Spybot Search and Destroy

Run it. Select "Fix (all) problems". Then reboot when done.

If you then open IE and no connection, go do the unchecking of the proxy server box. Spybot doesn't do that (I wrote to them but don't know if they can fix that).

I don't know if the safe mode "dodge" will work for all malware, though.

Good luck.
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Hi there,

As you just made a formatting,reformat it again then use the link below from manufacturer website and download all the driver for the machine freely,if still have issues then take the help of driver detective and let it do the driver updates and installation ,use the links below for downloading: