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Sycon - Dec 3, 2008 at 01:02 PM
 Sycon - Dec 3, 2008 at 01:35 PM

I came home one evening to find my wife pulling her hair out over the computer. Apparently she had downloaded a virus and it had eaten our computer. Regardless, I reformatted it and started from scratch.

I downloaded Windows XP Home Edition, however I had only the 2 CDs and no Service Pack 2 CD.

As I started the computer, it did not have my Local Area Connection anymore. As my other computer was still connected to the internet, I knew it was with my computer.

I have a ASUS M2N-E Motherboard. I was able to get the drivers downloaded from online (apparently we lost the CDs when we moved recently). The drivers installed, but the NAM (Network Access Manager) for my nVidia nForce Networking Controller would not install due to an Installshield 1607 Runtime error. I went to download the new Installshield to fix the problem. It downloaded, but could not install due to a Windows Installer issue that said it would not run from safe mode... although I was not in safe mode. I downloaded Windows Installer and installed it, but it did not help in the installation of Installshield. At this point I still have yet to have a local area connection even though the driver in the Device Manager says it is installed and working properly.

Right now I am downloading the latest Service Pack for Windows XP on another computer to transfer it over via CD. When it does I am in hopes that it will do something. Does anyone else have any advice or heard of this problem?

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I have been doing research on my spare time all day. I have yet to actually find anyone who wants the NAM anyhow.

Regardless, here is the major problem...

I installed the drivers required by my motherboard from the site.
Device Manager shows my network adapters and drivers installed and working properly.
I still do not have a Local Area Connection or anything in my Network Connections. It is just an empty folder.

I have tried to install my cable modem, and it registers a driver there when it checks... but it is still unable to connect my computer to the modem. I have checked physical damage on the computer, modem and wire and found nothing. I believe my problem is due to the fact that I do not have a Local Area Connection...

Perhaps this will help some more... seeing as I've read the the NAM is not required anyhow. Still downloading the new XP Service pack... that bugger takes a while.