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i benchmarked my computer on gta 4 my grfx card is sittin on 74% im happy with that BUT my cpu is sittin at 94% is there anything i can do a new cpu is on my list but at a later date trying to find a solution sooner i have a pentium d 2.66 2 gig ddr3 of ram 8400gs grfx win xp pro sp3 will upgrading to windows 7 help? gta goin a whole 10.5 fps WOW not!!!! plz help

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sounds like you need an upgraded processor
from experience i have noticed that your really need at least a 4 core cpu to get good frames from GTA IV, the game is very taxing on your cpu and i would advise you to either overclock your cpu or buy a 4 core. remember is you overclock your cpu always have a good heatsink.
also you need a better graphics card, it would also help if you submitted your resolution and graphic settings to i can get a better idea of your trying to achieve.