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If you are eager to know everything about the performance of your smartphone or tablet, AnTuTu Benchmark will be your new best friend. It is a tool that performs different benchmark tests on your devices, and also compares your results with those of other phones on the market. Thanks to its recently renewed interface, the application has become more user-friendly than ever before. This is our AnTuTu Benchmark APK download page.

What is the Use of AnTuTu Benchmark?

The latest version of AnTuTu Benchmark includes new scores for different components of your phone. It can also run tests that score the performance of today's most common applications on your device, such as the use of Facebook, TikTok, Gmail, mobile games, etc. A nice feature for continuous performance monitoring is the possibility to add a status bar to the top part of your screen This bar shows the current temperature of your phone's chip.

These are a couple examples of the different AnTuTu Benchmark test options you can choose from:

  • Stress Test: Determines the performance during situations of heavy app usage and heavy data traffic.
  • Memory and Storage Tests: Tests the writing and reading speed of your phone's internal storage and RAM memory.
  • GPU Test: Tests the overall performance of the chipset of your mobile phone.

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Is AnTuTu Benchmark Safe?

Yes, AnTuTu is considered a completely safe and virus-free application. It is important to bear in mind that the app will ask for several permissions when running it on your device for the first time. It needs those permissions to correctly run the tests and provide the most accurate as possible results.

Other Platforms

There are multiple AnTuTu versions available for download and all of them are free-to-use. The download on this page is for the Android version of the app. Then there is also AnTuTu PC, iOS and Linux.

Android users who want to test the performance of their phone during video games, are recommended to use AnTuTu Benchmark 3D.

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