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 shylu -

wen im running a c language program, i had encountered wit an error dat"unable 2 open the include file"....

so wta should i do now?????

plz suggest me wit a gud solution.............

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Dear Shylu,

Please give more information about the trouble for us to understand the matter and hence help you about it.

Thank you.

when i was running a C-PROGRAM after compilation i encountered with a error that " unable to open include (#include<stdio.h>) file" .....

so what should i now? and there are no errors with the program which i had written.
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Hii WOuld you provide more info that which file you include there.because Most likely the compiler can't find it in the path given.There should be an option on the toolbars at the top for letting the compiler know where the include files are.
i.e. the compiler is not recognizing header file i.e., #include<stdio.h>