HP 2230s laptop wont power on

 Mounir -

I have a HP 2230s laptop which will no longer power on, either with or without using the battery or main power source, or both. Nothing works, it's completely dead even though it worked just fine until last time I shut it down. When battery is in, the power light blink three times indicating low battery. Except for that, nothing happens.

This has happened to me once before and it just went away after a couple of hours. Now it's been this way for over a day. Extremely grateful for any help!!

This has happened on both Windows Vista and Win 7 (64 bit).

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Hi there,

Problem seems to be with the power adapter itself get it tested with a new one or if a friend have same adapter type .

Thank you

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thanks a lot! can't believe I didn't think of it, I'll check it out tonight if I can