Increase Partition Volume space on XP

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Hello, I have windows XP with a Ghost "D" Drive installed. This "D" Drive has 27GB of space and my "C" drive only has 9GB of space with only 154MB of available space left. How Do I remove volume space from the D Drive and add it into my C Drive? Many Thanks if you can help.

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it is really easy just use easeaus patition maker.If u have a C & a D drive all u have to do is just click on D drive and position the pointer on its left pantel when it turns crosshead click it and move it in the left direction and then click on the left side of the box of D drive point the mouse in between C & D drives panel when it turns into a crosshead click and drag the D drive panel to the left side u will see the unallocated space shrinking but it dosent matter when u drag the panel its going to shift to the ther side then all u have to do is click on C drive space panel drag it towards right side and the volume wil increase then click apply the pc will reboot 2 to 3 times.
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You can try this tool named "PARTITION ASSISTANT", using this tool you can

Extend Volume, Shrink Volume, Merge Partition, Split Partition etc. Just click on

the below link and download it.
thanks dude it works brilliant