Connection of two laptop using wireless netwo

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how to connect two laptop using wireless for internet

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Hi there,

you need to connect the laptops to the internet gateway in order to access the internet.

in a normal home scenario this gateway will be a router or modem.

the router HAS to be wireless enable in order to connect your laptop to the router to get onto the internet.

are you trying to share the internet off one laptop with the other?

Hi there,

You have to enable wireless on both laptop and as welll as require a wireless router to make it possible,please provide mnore information on how you wanted it to be connected for accessing the net.

Hi, have 2 Dell laptops. one is connected fine via netgear. newer one will not connect. how do I retrieve passphrase or key to access...
thank you!
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What i suggest is changing the wireless encryption type on your router to WPA and see how this works.