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Hey gang,

Trying to help out a friend's mother who had a stroke and only has use of one hand. She had an old Dell/Win 2k but couldn't press Control-Alt-Delete to get on, so someone gave her an HP Pavillion with Windows XP. (It's not a genuine copy)

I got all devices going, with the exception of sound. When I go to device manager, I see the list of audio codecs, including RealTec 97 Audio. HOWEVER, when I go to control panel, and go to sounds, it says no audio device found. I googled no audio device found and uninstalled real tec and reinstalled. I went to HP's site and installed drivers from there.

Murphy's law. The lady needs voice activated software but with no sound, can't use the headphone's and microphone.....

What am I missing??



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Open run and type msconfig to start system configuration utility ,then on general tab select normal startup ,press on apply and let machine restart to have new changes applied.e