Wireless adapter Fujitsu siemens amilo Li 272

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I accidentally turned my wireless adapter off on my laptop, now i cannot get it back on. Please suggest a way i can do this. Fn F1 not working as the option to connect is not available. I am not very up on computers please help

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hi guys,

i have a problem in my laptop fujitsu Semiens Amilo Li 2727
i install windows 7 ultimate then i get a wireless problem
FN+F1 dont work totally
i install all the drivers and still dont work

please help me on this problem

Thank you

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Hi ahmad,

Wrong driver may be installed for the hardware select proper driver version compatible with your operating system .

Basically you're buggered.

Hi there,

Try with Fn + Function keys depends on model or locate any wireless switch found on sides.Or press on start and type wireless.