Wireless connected but no internet access

Matang - Updated by Jeff on 18/03/17 at 07:14 AM
 Makau - Dec 15, 2022 at 04:57 AM

My wireless is connected but no internet access so please give the solutions.....Matang Gor...

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I had the same problem today and stubbled on the answer. Pretty easy too.

Click on the wireless connection icon in left lower corner or open the network connections icon. Click properties on the wireless connection... under internet protocol (TCP/IP) highlight it and click properties.

Make sure it says obtain IP address automatically. Write down the numbers you see before you do that just in case it doesn't work.

If it still doesn't work, try to set DNS to
(Google DNS).

Then see if a website like Google.com comes up.

I hope that helps !
Thank You so much - I've been trying all morning to sort this problem out!
Thank you sooooo much. This is the simplest solution that actually worked. You saved me. Thanks again :-)