Installation of yahoo messenger on a linux os

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how can I install the yahoo messenger on my new linux system?

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HI !u
I m facing some difficulties while installing yahoo messenger in linux operating system plz help me in installation process.
Thank you

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> mipaca
you can install yahoo messenger if you have wine install.You can get wine install by launching your ubuntu software centre and click on get free software then type your wine.If it displays the wine just follow the instructions and after all is done,you can now install your yahoo messenger using wine.The wine will create a fake partition where your windows package can be install on.
I do hope this will be of help.
> Kannan
Hello Mate...
i read your post and wanted to help you out...
I don't think there is a way to install Yahoo Messenger on a linux OS. i'm a linux user for almost a year and recently was looking for a way to install yahoo messenger on my ubuntu Karmic. it seems that the only way to have yahoo is to use other IM clients. I've been using Pidgin and Empathy... but I think Pidgin is much better.
follow this link and you'll be able to chat with your yahoo contacts on linux...

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i dont think we can instal anything like tht

how I can install yahoo messenger in linux machin
There is NO official yahoo messenger for Linux!

You could use other messenger programs that support yahoo/msn/aol..etc accounts, but you won't get the same graphics and most won't support voice/webcam/chat rooms features. The only one that supports webcams is dMsn. If you have ubuntu u can get it by logging in as super user, then:

apt-get install dmsn

or if it didn't work download it from dmsn website and install it manually. After installation it would be under Applications>Internet>dMsn
Get "Pidgin".
It has Yahoo Support.
please help install the massenger
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if u want to use yahoo, hotmail, aol go to this site.

Yes I just checked this one, it works on linux Ubuntu also. all opens just fine. I have ver: 8.04 ubuntu.

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Hopefully one of these links might help a few of you in here. Sorry some of this is for Ubuntu but they all work pretty much the same so there might be only slight differences with any luck

It is usually better to run proper linux programs that are written to run in linux than to try running Windows stuff in linux but if you really have to run a Windows program then try looking up how other people have tried getting it to work through Wine. Bear in mind that trying to run Windows stuff in linux is much like complaining that people in a foreign land don't speak the same language. The question would be do you want to get to the bus stop or do you want to keep using your own language? Here's one possible compromise but there are other ways such as installing a virtual machine inside linux

Good luck and regards from
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I facing the many problems in Linux. to install the other softwares in Linux? to download the yahoo messenger for Linux.
sir , how I play the song&movies in RHEL-5. And which software & and which side.
plz send
You don't. You shouldn't have Linux if you can't find simple things like this out.

Yahoo messenger, u can install wine (windows emulation) and install by rightclick open with wine, or use Gyache Improved messenger, it works on several linux distr.

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Newbee Libiticus

there is a package which u can install in ur system (ymessenger-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm) search for this rpm and install in ur system and do the following

1- type in gui terminal /usr/bin/ymessanger
it will show the yahoo messanger console

but it will not show u the full features of yahoo messanger.
how can I install yahoo messenger in my ubunto os
at this link u ll find Yahoo messenger suits Linux, just choose the right package:
Good luck
how can I install yahoo messange becuase kopete is not interesting and I want the new one please answer me.
A good messenger on Linux is the application called "pidgin"
Using it you can log into your Yahoo messenger account and chat with your contacts.
It is very likely that it is already installed on your system, so look for it in your Applications menu.
If you don't see it there, try to run it from a terminal by typing "pidgin" on the command line and hitting enter.
If it still doesn't run then it's not already on your system, and you will need to install it first.

You can get it from here:
dont know how install yahoo messenger in linux rhel4 kindly send some advice
regards and thankx
ok, someone please send me a


install command for pidgin?

im running: acer aspire one

linux lite

many thanks
Try this site, it is still under maintainance but find links for messengers.
You can use free Pidgin software on Linux. In addition to supporting Yahoo Messenger, it supports AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN IM, Bonjour, Gadu Gadu, GroupWise, IRC, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, Zephyr and all XMPP protocol compliant instant messengers. It was previously known as GAIM. I use it and I strongly recommend it.
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i want a good software
have you tried installing wine first to your machine.
I have the same question... :(
please visit to site under download tab.
this site is still under maintainance. but you will find some useful apps
go to messenger tab under download
If u r using Ubuntu try installing pidgin messenger. Type " pidgin" in the terminal window.

The Yahoo messenger for linux (only a very old version exists) doesn't support voice and video. So I switched to Skype! Google gmail with plugin is another good option.