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I had an MSI Wind U123 that was running Windows XP and it just froze, started but screen was black, it doesn't have a CD drive. Is there a way to dump the files from it onto another laptop or a flash or something just to retrieve the files when you can't see the screen? The netbook isn't worth fixing, but some of the files are worth retrieving. Can I migrate them somehow, can anyone walk me thru it or am I just SOL? Can I make a flash drive into a boot drive? If I do manage to retrieve the files, then how do I securely wipe the hard drive before I get rid of the netbook if I can't see the screen.....think I'm up the creek without a paddle!

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Hi there,

To start with the black screen have the fixing instructions by referring to link below and follow instructions:

Since you mentioned you do not have cd drive then if required for repairs of system,make use of an external usb cd/dvd drive or you can laso reinstall windows via a pen drive,the instruction for this also is provided on faq section,use this link:

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