Nokia N97 flash and real player downloads. No

 sunny -
Hello all,
I got a nokia N97. I am fond of listening to news but it always says 'you dont have compatible plug in'. It seeks flash player. I am seek of the attempts of flash and real player downloads. None support.
This was the link I wanted to connect but falid each time.
Anyone's assistance is highly valued and appreciated.

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Dear Sir,

Please get through the following Kioskea FAQ article in order to have more information about the application that you should use and its download link.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you

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this did not work at all for me. says the file cant open. Any other options? thanks for your help.
hello again,
As suggested, I tried to install macromedia flash player 5.0. Finally it say the file cant open. Further assistance required please. Thanks in anticipation.
micro media flash player is not supporting for n97 mini its in .sis format