Flash Player for Nokia Symbian Phones

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Nokia phone users can enjoy the fun of viewing web videos on their devices. For this, however, a flash player is necessary, but the trick is to find a compatible flash player that will work with the Symbian OS of the Nokia phone. Macromedia Flash Player 5.0 is a good option. This player can be downloaded to the phone, and once the installation agreement is accepted, the player will be installed. Now, unlimited videos from the web can be watched without any worries.

Flash Player for Nokia Symbian Phones


I want to view web videos on my Nokia phone but flash player is required. I have looked for a compatible flash player but cannot find one.


You will need to install Macromedia Flash Player 5.0 for Symbian OS Nokia mobile phones.

To install:
  • Save the downloaded file to your mobile phone
  • Open the installer
  • Accept the agreement
  • Select Install

Then you will be able to open or play flash content.
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