Deleted partition WD 500 now not recognized

 Suvajra -

I have a WD 500. I had three partitions on it, X, Y and Z. I accidentaly deleted one partition on it with my friends MAC and one of the other partitions showed up as correspondingly larger. Fine!

When plugged into my own PC using Windows 7 the WD 500 is not recognised. You can hear the ding-dong as it's plugged in, and you can see that its possible to 'Eject External HDD' But under Explorer or with the command promt the HDD is not registering.

I'm now in India and I know of no one else with a MAC and I need it to work with my PC.
Help... plz someone out there!

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Hi there,

On pc you will find it in disk management from where you will be required to possibly,right click on my computer>manage>disk management .

thanks very much for that. i tried that but it doesn't appear in Dism management. I saw it in Device Manager tho and when i went to General - it shows as This Device is working properly. Under Properties/Volumes nothing was showing. If I ask to Populate it comes up as follows:
Disk: Disk 1
Type: Basic
Status: Online
Partition Style: Master Boot Record (MBR)
Capacity: 0 MB
Unallocated space 0 MB
Reserved Space 0 MB

and under Volumes section of that window - nothing!

So, I guess, this is still a ... "Help!"