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Steven - Dec 12, 2008 at 03:48 PM
 pranav - Nov 5, 2010 at 01:28 PM
If your flash drive or memory stick the plugs into yuor USB port doesn't work unplug your flash drive or memory stick
from the USB port and go to "start menu" and click "shut doun" and a window will come up on your moniter the
options will be "standby" and "shut down" and "restart" click "restart" and then when your computer has came back on and has loaded all your programs plug in your fash drive or memory stick.

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Hi all..

I've just spent 12hours trying to solve the problem of my memory stick, it wasn't possible to access it on my PSP and it said " There is no memory stick " or something like that and it would not format under anyway but I DID solve the problem....

To solve this you simply have to:

1- get a memory card reader and connect your memory card to your computer (you can try to connect directly with your PSP but I don't know if it'll work).

2- Go to "Start".

3-Right click on "My Computer" and select "Manage" and it will popup a window called "Computer Management".

4- Click on "Device Manager". On the right there will show a list and collapse the "Disk drives" tab.

5-Right click on your memory stick ( For those connecting through the PSP it will say "Sony PSP USB Device") and choose "Properties".

6- Go to the "Policies" tab and check the "Optimize for performance" and click "Ok".

7- Go to "Start" and open "My Computer".

8- Right click on your memory stick and choose "Format" and a window will open.

9- Make sure "Fat 32" is selected under "File System".

OPTIONAL: You can name your memory stick.

10- Press "Start" and wait a few seconds and you're done!

Have fun! ;)
After installing an external hard drive all of my other USB drives (SD, MS, SM, CF) included on my Vista PC disappered. I spent 3 days reading articles and monkeying around with suggested solutions. This one helped!

Into each drive I inserted a memory card, then made following changes in Device Manager under Properties for each Drive:
1. Policies > Optimize for performance
2. Volume > Populate (Disk number will be assigned)

and the drive disks showed up again.

Lots of Thanks!
how do you do it you need a cd
what do I do if that doesn't work ??????

i try to do this but when I right click and choose format the message show that "There is no disk in drive C. Please insert disk"
please reply me
i have a big problem share me the solution.
Thank you in advance.
I live in myanmar and I am not skill to write english language.
If can you help me, Please, tell me "how to troubleshoot memory strick (write protect problem)?
please insert disk in drive e occur in my sony cyber shot camera
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Dec 14, 2008 at 01:31 PM
Yeah... why not...
But can't it also be a driver problem ?
I think that flash drives are automatically recognized by Windows with no need of drivers since Windows ME (drivers are required with Windows 98).
For memory sticks, I don't really know, maybe some drivers are necessary.

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thank you so much it help a lot.