Acer aspire one 532h no power

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I have an acer aspire one 532h that will not power on with the battery in if I push the power button the power indicator light will flash blue for a second then do nothing. if only the power cord is plugged in nothing happens. I tried replacing the power cord but that didn't change anything. Thanks for any help.


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This happened to me and I googled for two things: Flash BIOS USB 532h, and CMOS Battery 532h. The process required that I open my case via through the keyboard to push out the motherboard after removing the screws (under the keyboard). Keyboard is held in place with several latches only. Use a Volt Meter on the CMOS Battery to verify you have between 2.5V & 3.0 Volts because if it is below 2.5Volts, you will NOT boot up any way and you need to replace the battery. Do not move on until the battery issue is correct. The next step which can only be done IF the battery is good at 3 Volts is to use a USB Key with your Flash program and the latest BIOS Update. Google this for instructions. The Acer 532h has the boot fix option available only if you do it correctly. Print out your instructions and be patient, you will be up and running again to the point where you will consider modding the machine afterwards. These are nice especially when the Broadcom Crystal HD mini PCIe card is installed, too. Video & audio runs great (& smooth) even with the CPU under heavy loads. Even the WiFi Board can be replaced with a WiFi AND Bluetooth Combo board! Don't give up!
Only solution is to change the mother board. But in my case when acer changed the motherboard it woulnt turn on the blue tooth device. To put it in other way...u have to live without bluetooth if you change the motherboard & if you dont change the motherboard the laptop wont switch on. This is a clear case of trap & cheating by acer
tap on the lower left panel near the fan! Do this first before your try anything. My 532h drove me to the point of full knowledge of my machine real fast. Charge the battery first then unplug every toy tap the bottom where the bump extrudes. Save your self some sleepless nights. Thanks en. kioskea for your forum.