HP pavilion dv2000 will not start

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I have experienced this problem before. Basically, the computer would freeze up, i would have to shut down manually and restart. At first it would restart. As this started happening more often, the computer would be less likely to turn on after i shut it off. When that happened, i would do the power drain trick, take the battery and A/C out, hold for 30 seconds, and then plug in A/C and turn it on. Nothing. Turned it on with just the battery. Nothing. All that is working, is the Quickplay buttons (as in, they are glowing on power ON), and the fan starts. Everything else seems dead. I tried taking out the RAM/Memory and turned it on. It acknowledged that RAM was missing, so that makes me think its not the motherboard. I am very confused as to what on earth this could be, and any advice/help is much appreciated. And simply sending it to HP is a last resort, and i would be more likely to just buy a new laptop completely, because this problem will probably keep on happening anyway. But because i am currently really without a computer (im using my friend's), i really need that laptop fixed. Please help?!

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i had the same problem with my hp pavillion. when u try to turn it on does it beep? if so, somehting on the inside of your computer isnt in correctly.

hope this helps
i got exactly the same problem...if u hav or got any solution so pls tell me...
or give me rply on my email...jindal.usa@gmail.com
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