External Speakers jack lead contact problem

 jtwt55 -
Hello, I've got external speakers linked to my Dell laptop and its a stereo two speaker set up. One of the speakers only works when i press the 3.5 jack lead in a certain direction.

Apart from trying a male to female jack lead extension to solve this contact problem, is there anything else I can do? Dismantle speaker and change cable altogether maybe??


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Hi there,

It may be the jack of the speaker or the port itself is damaged,connect the jack to a mp3 player or any device having same input port to know which one is defective.Definitely one of them needs to be changed/replaced,

thanks.. it should the jack and not the port. headphones/earphones work fine from my laptop ports. mp3 players only sound through one of the speakers too... It looks like I'll have to change the jack somehow.