Can't find cd/dvd windows Xp

dav78 - Dec 15, 2008 at 07:49 AM
 umang - Aug 14, 2010 at 04:33 PM
Hello, I have a ASUS laptop windows Xp pro. My problem is I cant get the dvd player to work. It does not show in device manager, there are no upper/lower filters. Sometimes on start-up the system will find it as new hardware only to have it disappear before I can add it. I tried the Microsoft fix but it could not help because of the lack of filters. BIOS shows IDE (non-detected).

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Thank you for your suggestion. The Microsoft site fixed my problem.

Download this registry fix and it will solve your problem.
that didnt work either :(
Thank you.
but any idea why, without (de-)installing burningsoftware or things like alcohol 120% or demon tools, I need to do this every some weeks again?
(please answer via pm/mail, im usually not here, thanks)
thnx it worked fine i'm so happy thnx again
this saved me man! +1000 good karma to you today!
wow .. i'm impressed, microsofts link did NOT work .. however this one did:

the Dell PC did not see the DVD drive at all before, wouldn't even open door, but now works great !!

Thx so much
update last night drive worked fine I was able to watch a dvd. today a different story. the dvd/cd drive does not appear. I noticed last night that even when the drive was working I still did not have any upper/lower filters. Anyone with a suggestion?
go in to device manager locate ur dvd drive and click uninstall and reboot the comp. it should work fine

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I, got the problem with my laptop for reinstalling operating system. The operating system dvd is not working. I have inserted the os dvd and restart the laptop and waited for dell logo when I have seen dell logo immediately I press the F12 button and I have seen boot menu in the boot menu I have seen cd/dvd/cd-rw drive I click and then enter. when I enter I have seen dell logo on screen. This logo goes and comes back again and again. Please give me suggestion as soon as possible.