Hp laptop speakers playback sounds issues [Closed]

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Friday August 27, 2010
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August 27, 2010
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Hello, can someone help me with my problem. I'm using a Hp Dv4 and i haven't had any problems with my laptop until today right after installing some update. You see, this morning i was alerted by my Hp Health Check Program about a few updates and one particular update has to do with the speakers. Without reading the name of the update I decided to click on the update and without reading the terms and whatsoever, I installed it. Now my laptop's speakers sounds horrendous and there's too much Bass. Before installing it my speakers were more acoustic which I loved. Now it's bothering me and it's driving me up the walls. Can someone please help me get back my old speaker settings ? It would really make my day and also it will relieve this burden off my shoulders. Thank You =)

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go to volume information, change the controllers you desire,
go to start , accessories ,entertainment ,volume control ans set the controllers
orsimply restore ur system to early point