Find missing data in 2 columns (Excel)

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I have two lists of data (patent serial numbers) that I need to compare and find the missing serial numbers. In Column A I have my database's list of patent serial numbers. In Column B I have the patent office's list of my patent serial numbers. Theoretically these lists should be identical, but they are not.

What I need to do is find what serial numbers are missing displayed in Column C. It would be helpful if the results in Column C were shaded to represent if the number came from Column A or Column B, but it is not critical.

I have run several macros but they are not providing the results I am seeking. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


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Assuming the list in column B is shorter than in column A, write the following formula in the C1 cell: =IF(COUNTIF(A:A;B1)=0;B1;"")
This formula searches through the A column for the B1 value. If it doesn't find anything (COUNFIF is equal to 0) means the B1 is in B but missing in A. It will write the B1 value in the C1 cell. Otherwise it will leave the cell empty.
Copy this formula in the entire C column. You will probably have to replace ; with an ordinary comma but in Excel 2003 it works only with ;
You can do it the other way around in column D to see if some values from A are in A but not in B. =IF(COUNTIF(B:B;A1)=0;A1;"")