Excel Help needed: comparing cell contents

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Hi all,

Is there a way to compare the contents of a cell with a different cell using TRUE/FALSE results?

For instance,
cell A1 contains: Jr3
comparing with
cell B1 contains: Jr3

cell C1 (the result cell) will show up TRUE

now what if I want to match the content of B1 with cell A1 which contains more than one value in it?
For instance,
cell A1: Jr3, Jr4
comparing with
cell B1 containing Jr3

cell C1 should show up TRUE (since cell A1 does have Jr3 as its value separated by a comma)

Please Help. Thx

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Dear Vtech,

Please get the problem solved through the help of the following Kioskea FAQ article.


Thanks in advance.
Hi Vtech,

In this case you could use the following formula:

Hopefully this helps you onward solving your query.

Best regards,