TheCoolGuy - Sep 6, 2010 at 12:55 AM
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Okay so i tried to boot from a windows vista - 64bit bootable factory dvd, no boot. Tried knoppix, no boot. Active@Boot on a CD will boot with no problem, usb flash drives as well. So when i log into windows, the cd's will play but not the DVD's. Windows, doesn't show any drive errors. When i put in a CD and run MR. FIX IT it finds no problems.

ON THE FILTERS ISSUE their is no upper/lower. Updated all media software pertaining to the dvd drive

I have to be honest @ this moment of the early morning i haven't gone out to get a cleaner, however all other methods have failed any help?

P.S. All dvd's tried were tried in a toshiba laptop running vista, and was bootable.!


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Sep 6, 2010 at 10:32 AM
Hi there,

Its your dvd drive which is defective,try hooking an external dvd drive and 100% it will boot and work as required,

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Dec 9, 2010 at 11:29 AM
This is not a timely responce, but thought it may be usefull if a driver is the problem.

? "I'm on an HP Pavilion (2007 model) running Vista, all patched and current, with zero problems since install. Last week, the internal CD/DVD drive stopped working. Device Manager showed that little "uh-oh" yellow exclamation point, and the properties told me, 'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39).' I tried Update Driver, but Windows said that the current driver was the latest. Hmmm.

"On a deadline and up against it, I truck on down to the store, buy the latest USB CD/DVD external drive, and plug it in. Same problem. Device Manager lists both drives and shows the same error for both.

"After a lot of Googlin' and reading and experimentation, I'm out of ideas. I shudder at the idea, but do you think a full reinstall would help? Or maybe you have a better idea?"
My first thought was, perhaps the driver on Bill's hard disk was working -- just enough to present itself to the system as the correct driver but not well enough to actually run the drives. He'd have to get rid of the old driver before Update Driver would install a new one.

But before I could write and suggest that, a second note arrived from Bill:

I ran the Vista Automated Fix it in MS Support article 929461. It found the same problem but couldn't fix it. However, it offered to let me start a $49 chat session with MS for help with the problem. I figured, hey, I've put at least 50 bucks into this already, let them have a shot and maybe it'll save me a trip to the local PC guru (who'll charge me at least that much and keep my PC for a week).

"Anyway, long story short, the MS rep had me uninstall the CD/DVD drive (in Device Manager) and then do the Scan for hardware changes command -- no reboot. The scan picked up the driver and reinstalled it, and now all works just fine. Magic. I had been doing pretty much the same thing, except that after the uninstall step I was rebooting to let the PC reload the driver -- and skipping the scan step.

"Thanks anyway. Add this to your long list of fixes -- I sure have."

Yes, the Scan for changes option (under Action in the Device Manager toolbar) can help. Also, when you uninstall a device via Device Manager, you'll often be given the option of saving or deleting the current driver. Deleting the current driver helps make sure you get a clean start when you install a new driver downloaded from the manufacturer's site.