How to use front camera samsung Corby Pro [Solved/Closed]

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I 'm trying to find a way how I can use the front camera for the samsung corby Pro model, also let me know how to delete the invalid files.


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hi dis is vj sam if u want to open front camera means just dail *#0*# der u lfind vga option den use it............... and may I knw hw video calling works plz answer me........

thnka in advance...............

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just tap the *#0*# test also lets you test your Samsung Corby Pro's RGB settings, melody, vibration, dimming, mega cam, touch, speaker, sleepmode and sensors.
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Use *#0*#
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All you need to do is type *#0*# and the LCD Test panel will display on the screen. Press 8 (VGA Cam) to activate the front camera and you can use the phone now as a mirror
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go 2 keypad and type *#0*#
and select vga cam from d list
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