Hdmi laptop to rca 5 component hd tv [Closed]

 nelyt999 -

i tried to connect my laptop to my tv and i cant switch the computer image to the tv because the laptop doesnt detect any additionnal video output. I connected the cable (hdmi out of my laptop to the component in of my panasonic tau hd 1080i tv) and tried many thing on both the tv and computer so something would detect something but nothing. i read on the internet that i might need a hdmi to composite 110v converter. Is it true? Will that really allow the laptop to detect the tv and add it in my nvidia panel so i can switch to it? i dont want to buy it for nothing...

help please!

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Hi there,

Please give more information on the available ports you have on laptop as well as on tv to guide you for the setup of display as well as for the sound output.

well i have an hdmi port on my laptop witch i want to use to keep the hd quality of my movies all the way into my hd capable 36" panasonic tau yprpb (composite) TV. Of course i have a VGA and sound output too but i dont want to use that when i play an 1080i video file on my laptop and expect to have this quality transmited to my tv...

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