Windows 2008 winload error

Aasim - Dec 18, 2008 at 10:27 PM
 aasim - Dec 19, 2008 at 07:31 AM

I have XP SP3 32bit as my first partition.
I installed Windows 2008 32bit for testing Hyper-V but found out that it is only available in 64bit.
So i downloaded 64bit & then i deleted the partition itself from XP. after i created the DVD & booted the system after Coping files it says Winload error "Missing or Currupt file" \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe
So i reinstalled 32bit win2k8 without this error on the same partition i deleted. & then i again tried to install 64 win2k8 but same problem appeared.

I also tried copying the boot folder from 32bit win2k8 partition into my Xp but it doesn't work either.

Please can anyone help on this matter. I really need to do research on Hyper-V for my project.

Thank You in advance.


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Dec 19, 2008 at 01:34 AM
from where you got the Windows 2008? if its not an original cd, it might have been corrupted while copying it. so either buy a genuine Windows or download it from a trusted website!!
Yes I also think the dvd is faulty. later i realized that instead of wasting my time trying to installed it on base machine i should have first tired to install on virtual PC.

One more question is : can i Play games on Hyper-V with installed XP/vista.
My idea is to installed Win2008 on base machine & install 2/3 Xp/vista on hyper-v. One to play games one to use for downloading & so on

I would like to know if i create a system in Hyper-V can i play games like Far Cry 2, NFS UC etc.