Conditional Formatting involving dates

 rodneyi -
HI ,
I am trying to apply conditional formatting for a range of data in a column so that
if in a particular cell the date is not today() then it should be visible in font color black and if the date is today() then the following formatting is to be done
1. the cell color should be white , the font color should be white.

Please help

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Presumably your cell text is formatted black already

Format>Conditional Formatting

Cell value Is > Equal to > =TODAY() Format > Patterns = white, Font = White
If I'm understanding you correctly then you could easily do this in Office 2007 under conditional formatting within the Home tab. You could use the conditional formatting BETWEEN and set the date then customize the formating in the popup window to white/white or us the A Date Occuring and set the popup window settings to Today then customize the formatting to white/white. Easily done in 07/10 Office. I hope that's what you needed.