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Need help! Have Windows Vista on my laptop. Am getting ready to start taking college classes online but, they have advised me that I need to have Microsoft Word program. Under Vista it is Microsoft works word. They advised that this works word will not work on there system. Can you advise if there is a free or at least inexpensive download of the Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint that is compatible with Vista?

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Your post is actually not clear enough. Please provide more detailed information about the matter so that we get to understand it and hence help you about it.

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What it is is that I have Vista Works on my computer and I am getting ready to take some online classes. They just advised me that the works (word) program will not work with there system. I need to have Microsoft Office Word. What I was wondering is if there was a free download for it or do I need to purchase the programs.
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WORKS is very stripped down version of WORD. If you are just going to do word editing, you are fine with works. If you are going to do more than basic things than you do need some thing else. One option is you can download openoffice which is free and is roughly equivalent to office 2003 A lot depends on how word is needed for your class.
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There is a free program "OpenOffice" that should work for you. Google it for the download location.

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Also StarOffice 9 given out free or very cheap.Our organisation uses it in India