Dell inspriron 1501 won't power on

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Wednesday September 22, 2010
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September 24, 2010
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Hello, I usually just close my laptop when I'm not using it, but recently when I was finished, I went ahead to the start up menu and closed my computer down. Now I can't get my computer to power on what so ever. No flashing lights, no start up or fan sounds, nothing. The power cord does light up to indicate it's working. I saw other posts where people suggested unplugging power source, remove battery, hold power button down for 30 seconds, plug in power source, turn computer on, then replace batttery. I tried that, still nothing. I even tried someones suggetion of repeating those steps but hold the computer upside down, also did not work. Can anyone please help, I'm desperate!

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Dear Sir,

Please check whether the battery is not faulty.

Thanks in advance.