How to increase the volume of my alarm clock

 zizikathegreat -

I have a problem with my alarm clock in Samsung S5230. I cannot hear the alarm in a morning and was late to work couple of times. The alarm is usually loud to weak me up, but sometimes it get's really low. I don't know what is the problem, is it something with the phone? I don't know how to set it up.
Pls help!

many thanks

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While setting alarm click on Set Details and then raise the volume level


Please get to your Sound Settings and enter in the Alarm tone settings and increase the volume their.

Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for advice, but that is the problem the phone doesn't actually have any Sound Settings, The sound settings are adjusted on the side buttons- and it doesn'[t do anything with the alarm , even if i put SOUND SETTING on MAX. My alarm is playing up and down. I don't know what is the problem.
I tried to change the alarm tone, it didin't help . I also tried to switch off and On my phone , before it helped, but now it doesn;t. I ' ve been late to work couple of times now because of this alarm problem, and I have a very big day in couple of days, when I just cannot be late.
I guess i need to get the new alarm , But the problem still stays unsolved :(

I asked the T-mobile staff about this issue with alarm volume, Apparently it was a software problem i was experiencing. So i had to send it off to repair centre.
Most of the customers with this phone have the same problem. ( touch screen Samsung) . I really hope it won't repeat again after my repair, as i really like samsung phones.