The Sims 2 Freetime won't load up [Closed]

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The sims 2 freetime won't load up.It comes up with after I press play it comes up with
'Please insert the original The sims 2 Freetime CD/DVD'.

Please answer!!!


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You are missing some essential points in your post. There are many additional patches that you need to get installed, please make sure that all these have been installed. All the patches work together.

If you have installed of them, then it could be that the system requirements are not up to date. Please get to the Device Manager and see whether you do not have to get the graphic card's driver updated.

Yet the environment, that is, the operating system can be messing up. In other words, it might be that there are corrupted files on your system that is restricting the task to be completed. In such a case, you should have the game removed.

Then get your system repaired and install the game back.

Good luck!
Thank you

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