MP3 is not valid win32 application error

 harishthakur -
i have a problem when I try to play mp3 in winamp player
when I click twice on the mouse I have gote the eroor .
and when I take the song to the player it work .... :(

what can I do :)


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Your Windows file association for .mp3 files is messed up. Assuming you have Windows XP:
1. In Windows Explorer or My Computer, click on Tools | Folder Options | File Types.
2. Scroll down the list of registered file types until you get to the .mp3 file type, left-click on it once to select it, and click on Advanced.
3. In the list of Actions, "Play" should be the default (indicated by bold print). If "Play" isn't the default, make it so. If "Run" is one of the listed actions, remove it.
Thank you

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thank, you very nice, I solved the problem thanks to you
I don't have the .mp3 file type.What should I do?
Thanx I have solved my problem :)) that was easy :)
Thanks man..
thanks dear, its help full me ........
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You have associated the file type mp3 with an invalid program (maybe a virus did it). Go to this site to learn how to fix this