I lost my music stored in my itunes

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You might be able to enlighten me on this problem, Yesterday, i synced my new iphone to my itunes in my laptop as advised by my friend. Now to my dismay I lost all my files..how could I restore the music back to my itunes?

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Hi Maria,

please let us know whether you lost your music on your PC, your iPhone, or both?
For every situation there are different ways to recover your songs.
Do a "system restore" on your computer just set it to a previous date from when you tried to sync the iphone and it should restore everything back on there
if u have bought some songs on your iphone and had itunes and also had but songs or media etc. and had a itunes account you should be able to pull the files up regardless if you have a new computer or not as long as you did not get any songs via CD's

It has surely been automatically synced and this caused the files to be lost.