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i cant log into myspace on my lap top it is ok on my desk top is there some setting that need changing. Please can anyone help

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when you login into myspace and it just directs you back to the login screen without saying that you had any problems with your password or login name, you might have the same problem i had. what i did to fix it is : clearead all my cookies and ran a virus scan on my computer, including the hard disk, i made sure that my virus protection was up to date and then i rebooted my comp. then i was able to login into myspace withoue any problem.

i hope this helps...
Thank you

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For the past 2 or 3 months I have been logging into my michaeljohnspencer account on Myspace. It has all my blog posts, twiiter feeds etc, & all my videos.

When I logged in this morning I was taken to an old account which I have not used for ages, & it contains NOTHING. This account is spencerprint

How do I log into the michaeljohnspencer account?

Could it be anything to do with the fact that this morning, after logging in, it asked me if I wanted to default to UK Myspace, and I daid NO?

I email Myspace support bu t all they sent me back was an email detailing how to upload videos, a total waste of time, wondering if they even read my question!

Hope you can help,

Many thanks,

Mike Spencer
Spencer Print
Tinie wat kind of name is dat jk not :jk
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you have to go to and then type in myspace login if that do not work i don't know what to do.......
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idk i cant log in 2 mine ether bro =[
hey well um is your internet blocked? infected? cause thats what happened to mine.
yeah help me!!!
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hye..could u plz help me??

Make sure cookies are enabled.
And clear them.
That's all.
that wat ah sed dah first tyme dang

just erase all you have writen an start all over, maybe you'll get it right the next time! I always do that alot and it really helps me!!!!!!!

id ont hav anything srry
i cant login either im using the apartments computer.i need help logining in.
myspace what is up i can not got and it.
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what up hommie u is not the only one looking for a my space.

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you can try to roll back your IE to a previous version myspace may not yet be compatible with 6.0 a suggestion Try FireFox

hey i want to know if you can help me firgue out my password? please
ya just get another one and it will work :)
Im soz but no add me msn: :D