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 Andris -
im haveing serious issues trying to log into myspace. it's been over a week and I still cant log in!!!!! when I try to log in, I put in my email adress and make sure I didnt make any spelling errors and then carefully type my password and im 100% that I did everything correctly and then it says wrong email or password and thats the same email and password i've been using for over a year and now all of a sudden it says that. and no one knows my password(noo one) then when I click on "forgot my password" I type in my email adress and it says "email not found". UGH!!!!!! and I know that my account hasnt been deleted cuz I went on my friends myspace and she still had me as a friend and it said my last login was about a week ago. and I know it's not my computer cuz it let me log in perfectly to my friends accounts, just not mine!!!!! so then I checked my email and I had a ton of messages from myspace(recent ones from like today adn yesterday) and all and I clicked on them but it said to log in first and I logged in again and it still woudnt let me!!!! sumone plz help!!!!

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Try using mozilla firefox this happend to me, it wouldn't log in using internet explorer but wen I used mozilla firefox it worked. If you dont have firefox you can download it, just type download mozilla firefox into google and tht should give you the links to download it.
Thank you

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No idea why, seems a lot of people are having this problem..

Until a better answer appears, try this:

Download the myspace instant messenger, log on through that, and you'll be able to access your profile through the messenger.

So far, that's been the only real information I've found so far...

Good luck!

Update: Type this into your address bar to log in, just ran across this and it seems to work. --Remember to remove the spaces after "fu" and "login".. seaction=login .process

Lot of people have been having this same problem with cricket, I haven't heard of anyone that isn't using cricket that's had this problem yet.. If you're not on cricket, let us know so.. If it's cricket, they can go #%#@ themselves. :D

And you with the conspiricy theroies... get a life.
> gaby
ok I still couldnt log in the normal way this morning. I used the link above that urban #54 said to try and IT WORKED. its, Good luck everybody. I think it has to do with cricket.
> theresa
hey, it did work....ty so much for the CAN GO **** THEMSELVES....
yea I do not use cricket and my myspace sends me directly to google also. It just started happening this week after our whole base went from Softbank Communications to Verizon if you could help me it would be awesome.

i have been havingt he same problem but I am not using the cricket broadband for a long while. So whAT TO DO?
i was having the same problem I did try the link and it has worked. I also have the cricket usb modem but I dont know if that is the issue my husband works for that company and he is investigating the problem. that is wierd though. I hope it gets resolved soon!!!!

* If you're having trouble logging it, first make sure you're typing in all your info correct. Mistyping info wrong by just one letter will keep you from being able to log in. If you're still having problems, try clearing the cookies and temporary internet files from your computer. Sometimes lowering the browser security settings works too. Which browser are you using? Myspace is most compatible with IE 7, but Mac users should use Firefox for best results. Safari works too.

* Sometimes an error occurs when people try to create Myspace accounts. If that happened clear your cookies and cache and try signing up again in about 20-30 minutes.

* Some users may experience a delay after they have entered their email, password, and clicked login. This error could be caused by your firewall settings. If you currently have any type of firewall software running on your computer, simply disable the software during the login process. Then, once you have logged in and are able to view your homepage, you can re-enable firewall software and the site will be fully functional.

* If it's still not working make sure you can you find your profile on the site. If you can't find your profile, it might be deleted. MySpace deletes profiles if they violate the Terms and conditions. Deleted accounts can't be retrieved, so yo'll have to make a new one if that's the case.

If you've tried all the steps above, go ahead and send an email to and see if they can help troubleshoot. Specify your problem and be sure to let them know you tried all these steps listed here.


Did you try clicking the forget password button right under the log in area, if not try that, and it'll ask you for your email that you signed up with on myspace. It'll send you the password or it'll say confirm your email and choose a new password. I hope this helps.
i found a solution! you may not be able to use all of your applications on myspace, but if your using it for the mail, what you do is type in in your URL bar. it will redirect you to the mobile version of myspace, there you may check everything you need
Hey Everyone,
Just letting you all know you are not alone! Myspace is going down very fast because their server is not big enough to proccess all of myspace. It would take a server the size of the city you live in to make myspace run the way it should. A lot of people are switching to facebook because of the many errors myspace is having. Just wait it out and ity will "eventually" get back on track. I've been emailing myspace support every single day to let them know they have a major problem on their hands. I suggest you ALL do the same too. Maybe they;ll finally get the hit when all their ratings drop dramatically.
Thanks a lot to ALL for your help!
This is the link to email myspace support: CLICK THIS>>>
I had the problem where every time I tried to log in my email it would give me "invalid email address or password" error. AND Every time I tried to log in to myspace I would enter my email address and password but when I pressed "enter" or "Login" it would just reload the home page. I didn't find a solution but I figured out how to work around the problem. First I downloaded Mozilla Fire Fox 3.5 (web browser) from I installed Fire Fox and then "DISABLED" Internet Explorer. DO NOT uninstall Internet Explorer! To disable IE go to control panel, add or remove programs, add/remove windows components, uncheck Internet Explorer, and then simply hit NEXT! Use Firefox as your web browser and you should have access to your email/myspace again! HOPE THIS HELPS!
click forgot your change you password from the link they will send you. but make your password shorter.!!! it WORKED FOR ME !!!!