A problem booting from CD/DVD s in my L305 to

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i recently purchased a satellite L305 S5899

a strange thing happened to me that when i try to boot with hiren's boot or the ordinary windows millenium bootable disk ... the booting process starts normally as in hiren's giving me the option to boot from hdd or hiren's and if hiren's displaying the utilities list as disk clone tools ,partition tools.,...etc
also in the winme dos loader it gives me the options of booting with cd rom support or without or in minimal boot..

all this means that the booting process started..

but the problem appear if i chose any of the hiren's utilities or booting with cdrom support..
the system fails to recogonize my cd/dvd device as loading atapi driver failed

i tried different bootable cds and dvds and tried hiren's versions 9.0 & 9.6 [the most recent]

it's worth to mention that i tried to boot from the recovery DVD's included with the purchase & they worked perfectly and i reloaded all the system

also i tried the bootable ghost iso image after burn into a dvd , & it worked fine & i took an image for my c: partition..

i'm not experienced @ these things but i do think it's all matter of a bios option or else like that

wish any1 can help

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You have to go into setup and change the Sata mode to Compatibility.
Thank you

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the problem here may befrom your dvd drive.
try another drive and see the result
or you my update the driver for the dvd drive