About my htc 7 trophy

 junglistic man -
Hello, it's about my HTC 7 trophy I don't know why it won't let me send or receive music through Bluetooth andk do you know any music downloading software that is compatible with my phone I.e. Imesh if you could get back to me a.s.a.p. It would be well appreciated thank you

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Yandell it is because the phone only has the Bluetooth that you hear from the ear thing it doesn't get music
Yoyo here I just find out it goes in the Xbox live game in colections I just had to look there : and one last question I wanted to buy applications / games but I have to put my credit card number but all I ask is , is it safe will it charge more than what it asks?? Thankes for your time reading this:)
hey i want to buy that phone ... how is it can you use youtube from it.. or do you have to buy the application?
download free app.. either as an external application or an internal app that runs inconjunction with the mobile site... brilliant phone
After I download the HTC game from the market where does the game go ? Please reply asap thankyou .. Because its a complicated phone

the game appears in the xbox live menu. if u scroll across ul see it