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JW Library is Jehovah's Witnesses' free official religious content app. It features a well-designed interface for reading the Bible and materials related to Bible study and interpretation, as well as additional features for taking notes and browsing history.

What is JW Library?

JW Library is an official app developed by Jehovah's Witnesses which compiles multiple bible translations, books, and brochures for Bible study.

What are the key features of JW Library? 

  • Browse the Bible easily: You have everything you need to read and study the Bible. You can choose from several translations and browse through content. You can also compare all Bible versions by typing the number of verses.
  • Study tools: JW Library provides a study tool that allows you to take advantage of several useful features for better learning. You will get the possibility to underline text, make annotations, and add bookmarks at any verse or chapter to resume your reading.
  • Handy navigation: You will be able to navigate within the chapters and verses of the Bible easily, set a pattern to move from one to another quickly, or place a text marker to indicate where you are reading.
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  • Lots of religious content: In addition to the Bible, JW Library includes a wealth of related religious content for Jehovah's Witnesses. Among them is a selection of news, books, videos, audio, related study material, and brochures. Other valuable outreach materials for classes or seminars, special content for children, and more.
  • No connection friendly: You can download content so you can access it even without an internet connection.
  • Customize your app: You can mark your favorite contents and organize the app's Home menu to quickly see a selection of your latest readings, current contents, audiovisual material selection, as well as other options. You can also save your browsing history.
  • Efficient search engine: Thanks to the powerful search tool, you can locate any content by category or keyword and perform queries or search for notes by clicking on annotations symbols in documents.
  • Stay organized: You can manage and group your materials in folders. It can be advantageous to keep track of what you are studying or keep the content you need on hand if you teach others about Bible interpretation using JW Library.

Is it free?

JW Library is an app 100% free to download and use.

Is it safe?

JW Library is an official stable, and secure app reviewed by the international organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. The app will request permission to access various data on your computer, including your internet connection, computer video and music library, and any other locations it needs. For more details about the use of your data, you can consult the privacy policy.

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